Phoenix, AZ

November 11, 2020 – November 29, 2020

Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park

8201 24th Ave S. –  Bloomington, MN 55425

Intersects with 82nd Street. Use the 82nd Street. Entrance of the lot (the only entrance to the lot) to enter the tour.

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Mon 6/28 – Closed
Tues 6/29 – Closed
Wed 6/30 – Closed
Thurs 7/1 – 2pm-8pm
Fri 7/2 – 2pm-9pm
Sat 7/3 – 10am-9pm
Sun 7/4 – 10am-5pm

Mon 7/5 – Closed
Tues 7/6 – Closed
Wed 7/7 – Closed
Thurs 7/8 – 2pm-8pm
Fri 7/9 – 2pm-9pm
Sat 7/10 – 10am-9pm
Sun 7/11 – 10am-7pm

About Dinosaur Drive-Thru Phoenix

Got kids who love dinosaurs? How do you think they’ll react to seeing life-like dinosaurs right outside their car windows? Come and see the spectacle at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Phoenix, AZ. This is a limited-time event your dino-loving kids won’t want to miss!

Experience a Prehistoric Journey from Your Car

Hop in your car and hang on as you pass by prehistoric wonders. Your kids are sure to be amazed by more than 60 massive dinosaurs that really roar and move around! The one-hour trip covers hundreds of millions of prehistoric years in the order that the dinosaurs lived. You can enjoy the journey during the day or at night lit by colorful, vivid lights.

Learn From an Audio Tour Guide

The show also features an educational and goofy audio tour guide, which you can play through your smartphone. The whole family will laugh and learn as the guide tells you jokes and quick facts about each dino you pass. Your group can also play along with an interactive trivia game. You will receive a card to keep score on when you enter the show, and the top scorers will receive an authentic Dino Guru certificate at the end.

Enjoy COVID-Safe Family Fun

Dinosaur Drive-Thru cares about the health and safety of our customers. Because of this, our staff follows strict COVID safety protocols, including masking and social distancing. The attraction is doubly safe because you can enjoy the whole thing without having to leave your car!

The Dinosaurs Had to Leave, But They’ll Be Back!

The dinosaurs had a lot of fun in Arizona. The Pterodactyls loved flying over the Grand Canyon, and the Raptors enjoyed stampeding through the desert. 

But alas, they had to continue roaming across the country. Still, something tells us they’ll be back for more fun! Keep an eye on our website for the next time Dinosaur Drive-Thru will be in your area.

In Phoenix for a Limited Time!

Our show will not stay in the desert much longer. The dinosaurs can only hang around from November 11-29, 2020. Then they must continue migrating across the country. So, make sure you grab your tickets and get down to Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Phoenix before it’s too late!

Mailing Address is
111 Erick St. Suite 109
Crystal Lake, Il 60014