Extended by popular demand!

June 24, 2021 – July 18, 2021

Mall of America

8201 24th Ave S. –  Bloomington, MN 55425

Intersects with 82nd Street. Use the 82nd Street. Entrance of the lot (the only entrance to the lot) to enter the tour.

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Mon 7/5 – Closed
Tues 7/6 – Closed
Wed 7/7 – Closed
Thurs 7/8 – 2pm-8pm
Fri 7/9 – 2pm-9pm
Sat 7/10 – 10am-9pm
Sun 7/11 – 10am-7pm

Mon 7/12 – Closed
Tues 7/13 – Closed
Wed 7/14 – Closed
Thurs 7/15 – 2pm-8pm
Fri 7/16 – 2pm-9pm
Sat 7/17 – 10am-9pm
Sun 7/18 – 10am-7pm

About Dinosaur Drive Thru Minneapolis

Do your kids love dinosaurs? Imagine the looks on their faces when they see a T-Rex right outside their car window! Our life-size dinos are stomping around the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN, for a couple of weeks. Don’t miss this opportunity for a fun and educational experience unlike any other!

Travel Back to Dinosaur Times

Your vehicle will take you back to when the Triceratops rumbled and roared. Your children won’t believe their eyes as you tour our 60+ life-like animatronic dino creatures! You will encounter them in the order they lived in the prehistoric timeline. The hourlong tour covers hundreds of millions of years of dinosaur history! The journey is fun both day and night, but our night show also features the creatures lit up with colorful lights.

Enjoy a Virtual Tour Guide

We have put together a funny and informative audio tour guide to enjoy while on your drive. You can easily play it through your smartphone.  The recording includes fun jokes and awesome trivia about each creature. Plus, everyone in the car can test their knowledge with an interactive quiz. Each vehicle gets a scorecard when they enter the drive-thru, and the winners receive an official Dino Guru certificate after the show.

Experience Safe and Healthy Family Fun

Our team is dedicated to giving you and your family a fun and safe experience. Our show follows all COVID protocols to keep our guests safe and healthy. You can view the whole attraction from the comfort of your car as well.  

Our Dinosaurs Have Moved On, But They Shall Return!

Our prehistoric friends immensely enjoyed their time in Minnesota. They especially loved battling with the Vikings, howling with the Timberwolves and crushing baseballs with the Twins.

Unfortunately, they had to continue their journey across this great country. But don’t fret if you missed them! Dinosaur Drive-Thru will be back again soon for more stomping and roaring good times.

In Minneapolis for a Limited Time!

Our dinosaurs will not stay in the Twin Cities for long. These prehistoric marvels will only remain in the Land of 10,000 Lakes from June 24-July 18, 2021. So, be sure to grab your tickets and come on down to the newly prehistoric Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN!

Mailing Address is
111 Erick St. Suite 109
Crystal Lake, Il 60014