Aarrg = Canceled

Dinosaur Invasion will unfortunately be canceling our Memphis event. 

We very much appreciate your business and apologize for any inconvenience. We will be fully refunding your purchase and you should see it reflect in your account in 3-5 business days. As soon as we are back in this area we will give you a heads up and an exclusive discount for not being able to meet our dinosaurs this time around


November 6th – 7th, 2021

Admission Tickets Start At $19 ea.

Ride Pass Sold Seperately

Use PROMO code DINO10

to save 10% for the next 15 minutes.


About Dinosaur Invasion

Our incredibly realistic dinosaurs have stormed into your city for a limited time event. You’ll go back into the past ages to when T-Rex and raptors ruled the worldStare in amazement as you come face to face with more than 50, massive, prehistoric creatures.

From your favorites, to the most rare and fascinating! These museum-quality, animatronic dinosaurs move in incredible, lifelike detail and roar before your very eyes and ears!

A great event for Families of all ages, attend our amazing Dinosaur Tour and one of a kind dinosaur themed rides giving kids hours of fun to play on. Make memories worth catching at this unique, themed event for your Family!

Dino Adventure

Walk through Dino-land with our funny and enlightening audio guide to accompany your adventure. Our hilarious audio tour guides are very engaging, entertaining, and educational with shocking fun facts about each dinosaur. There is also a trivia game that everyone can play during the experience.

  • 50+ Animatronic, Museum Quality Dinosaurs.
  • They Move and Roar!
  • Guided, educational audio tour.
  • Dino trivia game to encourage education, engagement and more!  

Your Adventure is Waiting

The renasant convention center

255 N. Main Street. Memphis, TN 38103 

tickets are non-refundable

Saturday October 23rd – 10am-7:30pm
Sunday October 24th – 10am-6:30pm

But Wait, there’s more…

Bounce Houses

Purchase an EXTRA Ride Pass and experience the excitement 6+ Different Dino-Bounce Houses. Your kids will have a great time exploring on their very own fun, prehistoric adventure! The perfect way to ensure your kids have the most fun after their Dino Tour experience. We have hours of obstacles and rides for them to tire themselves out into the evening and more! 

Limited Spaces Available

Tickets are going fast! Don’t miss your chance to attend this exciting experience book your admission and get your ride passes today. Pricing is as follows:

General Admission (Parents and Kids) = $19 ea

 Unlimited Ride Pass = $33 ea

Ride Pass Does Not include admission

Dinosaur Rides

Ride tickets also include access to our dino themed races. Kids love going through their very own time warp, back to the Dino era. In addition to the bounce houses, these rides require tickets or an unlimited access ride pass to enjoy after the Dino Tour. Your kids will love this timeless on-the-go experience for years to come!

1 million+ smiles

Take a peek inside our Adventure World

Extinction coming Soon

Just like your herd, our dinosaurs don’t stay still for very long! You can only witness these prehistoric animals for a limited time… Reserve your adventure and get your tickets today before they take their teeth, tails and talons to another town! 

Mailing Address is
111 Erick St. Suite 109
Crystal Lake, Il 60014