Kansas City, MO

April 8, 2021 – May 2, 2021

Worlds of Fun

4545 Worlds of Fun Ave. Kansas City, MO 64161

We are located in the parking lot of Fiesta Texas. Go through the main entrance and through the main ticketing gate (you do not have to pay Six Flags admission) and you will run right into our show!

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tickets are non-refundable

Monday 4/26 – Closed
Tuesday 4/27 – Closed
Wednesday 4/28 – 2pm-8pm
Thursday 4/29 – 2pm-8pm
Friday 4/30 – 2pm-9pm
Saturday 5/01 – 10am-9pm
Sunday 5/02 – 10am-7pm

About Dinosaur Drive Thru Kansas City

If your kids love looking at dinosaurs on a screen, imagine seeing them right outside your car! Our life-sized animatronic dinosaurs have invaded Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, MO, for a memorable experience your family won’t want to miss.

Drive by Realistic Dinosaurs

Your car will become a time machine transporting you back to when T-Rexes ruled the land. Be prepared for your kids’ jaws to drop as you drive by over 60 realistic dinos that move and roar! You will experience the dinosaurs in the order in which they lived. So, you’ll see hundreds of millions of years of history in just one hour! You can view the dinosaurs in incredible detail during the day or wait until night for colorful lights to illuminate each one.

Test Your Dinosaur Knowledge

The tour also features a hilarious and educational audio guide in English and Spanish, which you can play through your phone. The audio guide is endlessly entertaining with jokes and shocking fun facts about each dinosaur. Plus, the guide includes an interactive trivia game everyone in the car can play throughout the show. You receive a scorecard when the show starts, and every winner gets an official Dino Guru certificate at the end!

Enjoy a Safe and Fun Experience

Our exhibit is easy to navigate and safe for the whole family. The experience is entirely COVID-safe, as everyone remains in their own vehicle during the show. All our staff members also wear masks, practice social distancing and regularly sanitize the attractions.

This Event Has Ended, But The Dinos Will Return!

Our dinosaurs enjoyed their time in Kansas City quite a bit. They loved seeing the sights and sounds of the city and especially enjoyed the delicious BBQ.

Unfortunately, they had to continue their journey across the continent, but they’ll be back again sometime soon. So, keep an eye out because Dinosaur Drive-Thru will be back in Kansas City again before you know it!

In Kansas City for a Limited Time!

Our dinosaurs won’t stay in Kansas City for long. So, be sure to purchase your tickets now before they migrate across the Mississippi! We can’t wait to hear you roar with enjoyment at Worlds of Fun from April 8-May 2.

Mailing Address is
111 Erick St. Suite 109
Crystal Lake, Il 60014